Unidentified Bay Broodmare. Vet approximates her age at 15 years. This very sweet and very kind has taken a liking to her handlers. She appears sore on her right front foot. We are concerned that she has foundered in that foot.

This horse is a part of the recent Christmas 12 rescue. Pictures and updated information to be coming soon. If you are interested in adopting, please complete the interested adopter form. 

Update – January 23, 2014: 

There are those times when you go to rescue a horse from a terrible situation that they just seem to know. They see a trailer pull in and practically scream: “Let me on that! Get me out of here!” Anaya was that horse. She seemed to know we were there to save her and was so on board with the idea she practically loaded herself. She is a very sweet horse, about 15 years old, who took a liking to her new handlers and loves everyone that comes her way. She’s the type that will sit for hours with her nose on your shoulder or her head up against your chest so you can scratch and love all over her. And, damn it, her right front is hurting her. We hoped it was just a founder. We prayed that whatever it was, we could see her through this and she would be given the second chance that should have been hers.

But that’s not what’s meant to be.

X-rays show her coffin bone to be significantly rotated and eroding. She is in a lot of pain and it’s only going to get worse. It’s so infuriating! This sweet girl very likely could have been saved if she was given the medical attention she needed when she first began showing symptoms of lameness. But the farrier visit that may have saved her life was not to come and she was left to get worse, day by day. So today, here and now, there is nothing we can do. Nothing but to care enough to let her free from the pain.

This pretty girl is one of our mystery horses we haven’t been able to identify. We were originally hoping to let one of our wonderful donors name her but her time has run out. We have decided to name her Anaya which means “completely free” in Sanskrit, it’s both beautiful and fitting.

Anaya has had her spa day, the dirt and the abuse has been washed off. She has known again what it feels like to have a full meal, three times a day and every day. She is being loved on. And we will take what little time we have left with her to love on her even more and, later today, when she goes, we will find solace knowing that she did not die alone, in pain, cold and hungry. She knew she was rescued. She knew it. She waited for someone to come save her… and collectively, you all did. Thank you for saving this precious girl.

You’re completely free now, Anaya. We will miss you.