Monthly Sponsors

Through the generous support of our individual monthly donors, Neigh Savers Foundation can continue its work of rehabilitating, retraining, and rehoming Off-Track Thoroughbreds and other at risk breeds.

The following donors have made a monthly contribution to our general funds allowing us to use them on the neediest of horses in our program. We rely on this support as these recurring monthly donations are the difference between taking a horse in need or not.



A big Neigh of Thanks to the following monthly sponsors:

Andrea Rush
Barb Holcomb
Barbara Lonsbury
Blanka Telecka-Rice
Bonnie Stromberg
Cheryl Spence
Ed Lombard
Gina Stubblefield
Grant Family
Heather Clausner
Jean & Patrick Honny
Jeanie Esajian
Joseph Stager
Judie Stanley
Kathy Fondonova
Liz Murray
Lois Olmstead
Manmeet Pahwa
Maureen Sowell
Molly Adams
Paula Stearns
Sally Cruikshank
Sandy Erle
Sara Kordecki
Steve Prince
Susan Corp
Tamara Hollingsworth
Yuhua Zhang

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