The Helen Johnson Memorial Sanctuary

operated by Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc.

Potter Valley, CA

On August 23, 2022 Helen Johnson passed away.  A resident of Mendocino County, Ms. Johnson had put her property into a Trust a decade ago for the sole use of Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc.

The property sits in the beautiful valley of Potter Valley and is 75 acres of flat pasture land.  The land abuts to the North Fork of the Russian River and has grandfathered water rights from a nearby dam dating back to 1914.  This agreement allows the pastures to be irrigated so there is green grass for grazing nearly all year long.  For the winter months we grow our own hay on approximately 20 acres.  The property is nearly self sustainable.

Ms. Johnson also left us in care of her sanctuary horses.  She had a huge heart and could never say no to someone in need.  All of her assets and then some went into caring for neglected, abused and surrendered horses.  She also rescued dogs…mostly taking those that were slated for euthanasia.


We are touched that Ms. Johnson had faith in us to carry on her work and will make every attempt to honor her legacy.  The task is huge as the property has been neglected for many years.  We can address all our challenges in time.  For now, we are caring for the horses and making sure they stay happy & healthy.  For the most part, horses at Helen’s always lived to a very ripe old age.  Our oldest pensioner is 34 and many of the horses are in their late twenties or early thirties.  They live a natural life…in pasture…among a herd.  Nothing is asked of them.  They graze naturally all day which is better for their digestive systems and are in a stress free environment.

We hope to open the Sanctuary to the public in time and are willing to share the facility for the good of the community.  We will start by allowing Search & Rescue of Mendocino County to train their rescue dogs on part of the property.  Look for updates as we develop programs and upgrade the property.

As the Trust came with no monetary assets we are asking for support for these horses via sponsorship.  You can choose to be a full sponsor at $150/month and a half sponsor at $75/month.  We also gratefully accept donations to run the Sanctuary and for medical bills.

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