Mydaddysthemann 2011 – Colt

Mydaddysthemann 2011 – Colt

Mydaddysthemann 2011 – Colt, foaled 2011 (Seattle Buddy – Myddaydsthemann, by Pirate’s Bounty)

This sweet boy has some pretty obvious physical deformities. The Vet is assessing what type of pain he is in. He is one of the most difficult to catch. He seems to shudder when touched. He appears uncomfortable.

This horse is a part of the December 23, 2014 rescue. Pictures and updated information to be coming soon. If you are interested in adopting, please complete the interested adopter form. 

Update – January 23, 2014:

Swayze was a three-year-old colt born with Juvenile lordosis and the lesions causing the sway back are a result of complete or partial failure of development of two or more vertebrae. When a Neigh Savers Board Member first saw Swayze more than two years ago, he was not yet a yearling and the swayback was already severe and present and his front legs were very crooked. We knew then he needed help, but there was nothing we could do. When he finally arrived at Neigh Savers partner facility, NexStar Ranch, on December 23rd he presented immediately with pain. We weren’t surprised and just wished we could have intervened sooner. We went through paces with our very trusted Dr. Heaton from West Coast Equine who did a thorough evaluation. In addition to the lordosis, the crooked legs and the pain, Swayze presented with neurological signs.

While we would love to share stories of the silly personality we are going to miss, we can’t. There was no silly personality, just pain. Swayze’s owners should have shown him the compassion he deserved and let him go a long time ago. We couldn’t be so selfish and keep him here just because we didn’t want to make the tough decisions. So, for seven days we fed him, made him as comfortable as could be in beds of shavings and showed him the love he deserved and craved. Then, on December 31, 2014, Swayze was let free of his pain and humanely euthanized. Swayze was not yet registered with the Jockey Club but he was by Seattle Buddy and out of Myddaydsthemann, by Pirate’s Bounty. We apologize for not sharing his passing with you sooner, but with 12 new horses and the holidays, we just needed time to deal the loss of the boy we couldn’t help. Run free, Swayze.