Tack and Supplies

Neigh Savers is always in need of tack and equipment donations. We welcome all donations that are in usable to brand new condition. If an item has minor damage and can be repaired easily, we will take those happily as well. We have several Tack Sale events per year to sell excess donations (or items that don’t fit our OTTBs). Please clean the donations before donating to ensure any illnesses are not spread from one barn to another (especially blankets, bits, halters or brushes). Please look for upcoming tack sale events.

Items we are always in need of:

Blankets (clean and in usable condition)
Sport Medicine Boots
No Turn Bell Boots
Halters and Leads (including rope halters)
Leather Halters and Leads (for photography)
Standing wraps and shipping boots
Vetrap, cotton, liniments, ointments and other medical treatment supplies
Supplements (hoof supplements, joint supplements, digestive system supplements, cool calories, etc.)
Gift certificates from any local feed store or online tack/equipment retailer.
Any unused tack or equipment in good condition- if we can’t use it we can sell it to raise money for our horses!


Tack and Supply Drop off locations

You can also drop donations at any of our Neigh Savers Barn Locations or ship donations to our mailing address.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions about tack donations.  Tack and supply donations are tax-deductible.