Warhorse Updates July 2022

Since we started focusing on race track warriors nearly three years ago, we have managed to retire 15.  Most raced for 10 years, although some were retired at 12 and a couple a little younger.  They have a combined start rate of 1,005, meaning an average of 67 starts.  This is an amazing feat in itself since most modern racing horses leave the starting gate less than 10 times in their careers! The most starts one of our warriors had was 113 and we retired him at 10.

If you ask yourself how many careers have you had since you started working, many of us will come up with more than one.  That being said, why should a professional race horse that may live to 30 years retire at the age of 5 or 6 or even 10?  Many older and more seasoned horses are excellent candidates for second careers.  Just look at the Retired Racehorse Project.  Every year between 550 – 700 ex racers compete in 10 disciplines at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.  Neigh Savers has entered horses three different years.  The disciplines available are: barrel racing, competitive trail, dressage, eventing, field hunter, polo, ranch work, show jumper, show hunter and freestyle.

Here’s a recap of what some of our retired warriors are doing now:

Lifeline (Lyle) — is working on endurance trail riding in the Sierras and is being trained for Search & Rescue.

Lifeline (Lyle) saddled up for trail riding with his new person Ian.

Aotearoa (Artie) — is being trained as an Eventer.  Artie ran in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile…a Graded Stakes 1 race.

Aotearoa (Artie) in event training near Las Vegas and with his trainer Jennifer.
Artie loves the water and can’t wait to get into it. Jennifer allows him a bit of play during his eventing training.

Kylemore (Kyle) — after being in rehab for almost two years is now in training for the Stanislaus Mounted Sheriff’s Unit.

Kylemore (Kyle) hamming it up with his best friend Penny.


Kylemore’s (Kyle) new life in the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Mounted Unit.

Latitudefortytwo (Laddie) — is in training for show jumping.


Dreamcatcher (Dreamy) — is a bona fide trail horse.

Dreamcatcher (Dreamy) bonding with his new person Holly.


Dreamy is living the good life with his new owner.
Luckarack (Lucas) — returned to his breeder’s farm and is ridden around the property by the ranch manager.
Luckarack (Lucas) back at his breeder’s farm with farm manager Dan.
On the Key (Legend) — is an amateur show horse competing in the Bay Area and also enjoys getting out on trail.
On the Key (Legend) on trail (he’s the very tall, almost black gelding with a white blaze).


On the Key (Legend) at Franklin Canyon Stables with other TBs in training.

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