Aotearoa Returns

Some of you remember Aotearoa or Artie, as we called him, because we couldn’t pronounce his name. He was a feisty chestnut running for a nickel and a dime up at Grants Pass, Oregon. It was the 4th of July 2021 when Neigh Savers claimed him. We said it was his Independence Day.
Artie was a handful who wouldn’t pick up his left lead. Then along came Jennifer Osborne, owner of Fire and Ice Thoroughbreds in Las Vegas. She took on Artie and he has never been the same.
The new, improved Artie was on display May 6-7 at the All Thoroughbred Show at Brookside Show Park in Elk Grove.
Jennifer brought Artie for his first-ever exposure to a show. He had only jumped once before. She hoped he would think it was fun and relax and enjoy himself.
And he did just that. No more feisty Artie, no more refusal to pick up the left lead. He was the most relaxed horse at the show and after his first jump, he picked up his left lead!
Jennifer conducted a demonstration during the show about the difference between teaching a horse to relax and tiring a horse to make him more manageable, and Artie did not disappoint. He was so relaxed during the demonstration that he almost fell asleep.
Artie’s transformation in Jennifer’s hands just goes to show that with the right training, any Thoroughbred can be taught to relax and become successful in a second career.
– Jeanie Esajian

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