Lumpy Updates

Warning: Images of tumor and surgery site…so only look if you can handle it!
I thought I’d share a photo journey of Lumpy with everyone. He has come very far in three months and is looking towards making a complete recovery!!!
Lumpy is a special horse to me personally. I had lost my best friend and companion of nearly 13 years, my Bernese-Aussie mix Blaze the day before I met the vets at the Sanctuary so was grieving & needed some positive news.
Things looked glum for Lumpy. We had gotten him with a large tumor on his shoulder. However, it was closed and not growing so vets decided it was better to monitor. They did a fine needle aspiration on him when first assessed and found nothing suspicious. However the tumor had since grown to almost twice its size and was oozing fluid and blood. It was not a good situation. We could have euthanized him or given him a shot at removing it even though the aftercare was daunting. I opted for the surgery to try and save him. If Blaze couldn’t be saved then personable & otherwise healthy Lumpy should at least have a shot even if it was 50-50.
The amazing vets at Mendocino Equine & Livestock were able to successfully remove a 10 lb plus tumor & then the hard work began by Sarah. Sarah was onsite everyday for three months to monitor, apply medication and rewrap the huge wound. Lumpy was given a sleeve to further protect him from flies etc and today is actually the first day he no longer needs to wear it. It’s a great day indeed to share a positive outcome with everyone.  Lumpy has no sponsors so if you know anyone please pass on the good word.

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