Our Volunteers

Currently our volunteer program regarding hands on horse care and support is closed.  We will post on this website and also on our social media when new volunteers are needed.

Our volunteers donate their time to Neigh Savers purely for the love of horses and in service to them. Do you have experience working with OTTBs? Do you have rehabilitation experience? Retraining experience? Do you want to help retrain and rehab the world’s best horses?

Our barn volunteers are very hands on and need to be self motivated and responsible. Being able to ride and handle horses is also important. Volunteers are expected to do a wide variety of things including but not limited to feed and hay, muck stalls, clean tack, turn out horses, blanket horses, tack horses, lunge horses, ride horses, hand walk horses, and leg wrapping.

We are in great need of volunteers that are able to donate their time outside of direct horse care.

No experience? We may have something else for you to do that can still help the horses, for instance helping with tack sales, events and fundraisers, and other outreach programs.

Interested in volunteering? Please Contact Us!

Please note, you must be 18 years old to volunteer.


  President Nico & Amber