Sanctuary Grand Opening20240401225944

Sanctuary Grand Opening

Karin WagnerApril 1, 20241 comment
Saturday, July 13, 2024 Sanctuary Grand Opening We are pleased to announce that our grand opening of the Sanctuary will be on Saturday, July 13, 2024....
Six Month Recap20200707035242

Six Month Recap

Karin WagnerJuly 7, 20200 comments
We’ve been mostly off social media but we felt we needed to post the A Flicker of Light story (Flicka) so it made me think about the last six months i...
Bikers and Runners and Strollers, Oh My!20170317225727

Bikers and Runners and Strollers, Oh My!

Karin WagnerMarch 17, 20170 comments
As always, Salsa is doing wonderful!!  I can’t say enough good things about him.  He has shown some great progress on the ground with his canter...
Join us for a Day at the Races & Holiday Party!20140920061141

Join us for a Day at the Races & Holiday Party!

Karin WagnerSeptember 20, 20140 comments
 5th Annual Day at the Races & Holiday Party December 6th, 2014 Golden Gate Fields   Purchase your tickets here: Ticket Type Adult (18 & ...
July 2014 Update20140807171839

July 2014 Update

Karin WagnerAugust 7, 20140 comments
July has been a very active month for us. The most important thing is that all the horses we received are doing great and we thank you for being a par...
Emaciated & Neglected: 3 TBs Need Help20140708033646

Emaciated & Neglected: 3 TBs Need Help

Karin WagnerJuly 8, 20140 comments
Neigh Savers received an urgent call from our friends at Forgotten Horse Rescue asking for help with three different cases of neglect and abandonment....
Welcome to our New Website!20140520200822

Welcome to our New Website!

Karin WagnerMay 20, 20140 comments
Welcome to our new Website! Neigh Savers has not had a site refresh since we started in 2007. Early in 2013, several Neigh Savers volunteers and Board...
2013 Year In Review20140311200455

2013 Year In Review

Karin WagnerMarch 11, 20140 comments
    2013 Year in Review Wishing you a very Happy New Year, health and happiness and thanking you for your service to Neigh Savers in 2013. 2013 saw si...
The Star of the Show20140303213123

The Star of the Show

Karin WagnerMarch 3, 20140 comments
We at Neigh Savers are biased–all our horses are stars in their own right, but some of them come named that way for a good reason. Star Nicholas came ...
Dixie Update20140303212958

Dixie Update

Karin WagnerMarch 3, 20140 comments
So, yes, we haven’t posted anything new in awhile here but that’s because summer means getting enough light and sun to really get horses out and ready...
Derby Trip20140303212004

Derby Trip

Karin WagnerMarch 3, 20140 comments
Long-time Neigh Savers friend and awesome hat-creater Rachel Satterfield-Masen was there in Kentucky for the first Saturday in May to witness the Kent...