Quincy is a 3-4 year old Thoroughbred Gelding who stands about 16hh. Little is known about his breeding or his past. It is our understanding that for his entire life, he has been confined to a small chainlink pen.

When we met Quincy, he was petrified of leaving his pen. We took our time and carefully loaded him onto the trailer. It literally took several of us to gentle coax each foot, inch by inch, up the ramp and into the trailer. The farm owner was confident that we would not load him. We did, and did so uneventfully. This is a testament to Quincy’s mind. He has been neglected, confined, and abused in so many ways, yet he wants to learn to trust. This sweet boy needs time to heal and build bonds with humans. There is a very gentle and kind horse in there; we will gently persuade that horse to emerge.

Quincy is one of the Lancaster 19. These horses were simply warehoused and given just basic food and water in a dry and unforgiving facility.  They did not know the kindness of a human touch, were kept in small chain link pens, never had the opportunity to exercise, socialize or run free. For all practical purposes they were in a horse prison and served nothing more than a reproductive function.

April Update: Neigh Savers is pleased to announce the adoption of Quincy.  A big thank you to Candace and Hayley for seeing the potential in this sweet boy. Quincy is very loved and finally happy.

This wasn’t always the story. Quincy had zero confidence when he was rescued. His story is heartbreaking but with the happy ending that we wish all horses could receive.

Quincy was confined to a small chain link pen and the curmudgeonly owner of the facility left him there for a long time, maybe even a couple of years or longer. All of the Lancaster 19 horses were simply warehoused….they were given basic food and water but nothing else…not even life saving vaccines. The old curmudgeon wasn’t going to let us take Quincy, saying he was a worthless animal that we couldn’t get out of that pen anyway. That’s all it took for the Neigh Savers crew to resolve to take him no matter what. The term “inching” towards something was never more aptly described. Quincy was so shell shocked and so scared and un-handled that he literally walked one inch at a time out of his prison cell and onto the trailer being coaxed and reassured every small inch like step of the way.

Somehow as scared as he was he knew he was being led by new loving and trustworthy hands and into a much better life. With the love, support, and training being provided by Candace and Hayley, Quincy is finally realizing his potential.