The Star of the Show

We at Neigh Savers are biased–all our horses are stars in their own right, but some of them come named that way for a good reason.

Star Nicholas came to us in October, ready to find his new home. He is a ten-year old gelding, last raced at the end of 2012–a race he won handily and one of several that gave him impressive stats and over $463,000 in earnings.

He immediately won the Sonoma County team over with his over the top personality and better-than-average ground manners.

Smiling for the camera
Smiling for the camera

As the days went on and he settled into his new routine, he learned to socialize and made good friends with his neighbors, sharing hay with the little paint mare on one side and talking gelding stuff with Jess Boyd’s horse, Calabar on his other side. Whenever Jess rode Calabar, it was accompanied by the sound of Nick’s whinny floating down to them in the arena.

We were sure we could find Nick the right home. He is a solid and thoughtful horse, honest and willing if a little unsure about what his life is now that he’s not surrounded by the hustle and bustle and routine on the track.

Then we got an email that said:

Hi, I have been looking for a horse my family had owned for 8 years +, who has pretty much disappeared. I have emailed a few trainers and had not located him until I found your website. There is no picture yet, but you have him named. Please contact me. I am looking for Star Nicholas (out of Poteen/Viznaga). If you have him, I will do anything I can to help. If he needs a home I will immediately begin working on that. Thank you for all of the great work you are doing.”

The ever-expressive Star Nicholas
The ever-expressive Star Nicholas

And just like that, Nick’s next chapter was written. His new owner was his old owner and his road has come full circle. Or oval as the case may be. She searched and found a barn ten minutes from her house so she can work with him every day and we dressed him up in Christmas bells and took his picture. A picture that will likely hang on the wall of fame she has, next to win pictures.

There are those who automatically dismiss all the people associated with as cold and heartless, not caring about their animals once the racing is done. Star Nicholas would just like to say they are not all that way and he for one is glad.

So are we. Happy holidays to Nick and his new family! There will be more to this story, of that we are certain.