Storm on the Ridge

Storm on the Ridge

Name:  Storm on the Ridge

Name: Emma

Birth Year:   2002

Gender: Mare

Height:  16 hh

Color: Bay

Location: Somis, CA

Starts/Win/Place/Show: N/A

Career Highlights:  N/A

Total Earnings:  N/A

Last Race: N/A

Sire:   Illinois Storm

Dam: Middle Fork Ridge (Wild Again)

Other Pedigree Notables: Storm Cat, Northern Dancer, Icecapade

Description:   This unraced mare has some notable breeding in her. She was bred just a few times. We know that she has Hunter/Jumper training.   Emma came to us in poor condition.  She was dropped off at a vet to be used as a recipient mare.  When this didn’t work her fate was is jeopardy.  She came to us approximately 200 lbs. underweight and with untreated lacerations on her front ankles.  She is an elegant mare with refined bone structure.  She has an exceptionally kind temperament and is very gentle with small children. Once her wounds are healed and her weight is normal, we look forward to seeing what she can do.

June 2015 Update: Emma is a class act kind of girl.  She quickly earned the name of Princess around the barn. When we take a horse in, we have no idea of the baggage that that horse may carry. We poured countless hours into the rehabilitation of Emma’s wounds. Due to the efficacy of Wild Gold and GastroBalance by EnviroEquine, Emma’s overall physical health improved tremendously. She put on weight and most incredibly, her chronic and untreated wounds began to grow hair after years of neglect. No one ever thought they would fully heal, let alone grow hair. Despite all of this, it was clear that Emma was used as a school horse. Her mouth pulled on, unbalanced riders hurting her, aggressive training methods that hurt her physically and mentally. Emma wasn’t happen undersaddle. Sure, we could ride her, but she was resistant. She would fight. She had had enough. Because Neigh Savers does not have its own pasture space, we reced out to our dear friends at Tracy Acres and asked if they would consider taking her. She could be a horses with no pressure. We would take her back once we had more than a stall to offer her, but Denise insisted she was home and where she belonged.

We get many horses through our program. Emma has left a very special hoof print on our hearts. We look forward to the pictures, updates, and visits. For now, she is munching grass and enjoying being a horse.