Simon is a 14-year-old American Quarter Horse gelding with an outstanding disposition and as well-trained as they come. This good looking chestnut could be the trusty steed of a heroic gunslinger in any classic western movie.

On December 7, 2017, Simon escaped the raging Lilac Fire which devastated San Luis Rey Downs Training Center and killed 46 horses. The blaze moved so quickly that Simon’s former trainer had to turn all his horses loose to give them a chance to survive.  Simon was seriously injured and could not return to his regular job as a lead pony for thoroughbred race horses.

Since Simon has been a teacher of TB horses, and as the lead pony, needed to chase many a loose horse down he understands TBs and is eager for a job. With his excellent disposition, intelligence and ability to connect with people and horses Simon is an excellent addition to our therapy program.