Farrah Fawcet

Farrah Fawcet

Farrah Fawcet – Born ~2011. Information about capture is unknown.

She has had extensive natural horsemanship groundwork done with her, has been saddled and ridden walk/trot/canter; however, does not steer well nor know her canter leads. Has been ridden in a rope halter and a snaffle bit; she prefers to go bitless. She is a complete lady when being saddled and groomed. She does stand for cross ties. She is very friendly and loves getting attention. She can be spooky under saddle, but she is green. She has no big vices, other than can be mouthy, but no bite.

Ideal owner would be someone with young horse experience and mustang experience. She needs someone who can teach her the proper techniques under saddle, but she is super friendly and very eager to learn.

She is up to date as of 2/27/19 on shots, deworming, and farrier. Has not had a Coggins done since 5/17. So far no lameness issues have occurred.

Update August 2019:  At long last our Princess Bride BLM capture Mustang has arrived! Stay tuned for program updates regarding the Mustang awareness and education program as it develops & grows with our partners Alma Equine.