Diablo – Born 2014, captured on 11/07/2015 from Beatys Butte, Oregon.

Was started originally at a Buck Brannaman clinic. He has had extensive natural horsemanship groundwork done with him, has been saddled and ridden walk/trot/canter; however, does not steer well nor know his canter leads. Has been ridden in a rope halter and a snaffle bit. Has trouble standing for the saddle, but not dangerous.  He is fearful of over-bearing men and people coming into his space too quickly. Does have a nipping issue. Doesn’t always stand well for the farrier. He can be skittish and untrusting.

Ideal owner would be someone with young horse experience and mustang experience. He needs a calm, kind hand and someone who is willing to give him time. Ideally someone with time and no pressure to get him showing or trained. He had a rough start.

He is up to date as of 3/27/19 on shots, deworming, and farrier. Has not had a Coggins done since 4/18. So far no lameness issues have occurred.


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