Welcome our new RRP Candidate – Intaxication

After I said goodbye to our sweet Squishy I was totally devastated. I was so excited to take that trip down centerline in Kentucky with him. With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes I was feeling really down and out. So, I did what any 30 year old girl would do and gave my dad a phone call. A little background on this… my dad is amazing. He has always pushed me to succeed, especially when it came to horses. I’ll never forget the day, many years ago, when I fell off. I angrily stomped towards the arena gate. I was done, I never wanted to sit on the back of a horse again.  That day my dad taught me an oh so important lesson in life. He looked me square in the eye and said “you’re getting back on that horse, I pay way too much money for this and quitting isn’t an option.” Less than five minutes after falling off I was back in the saddle. So, after explaining to my dad what had happened with Salsa and how heartbroken I was, he responded with “well, I guess you better find another one. It doesn’t sound like you have a lot of time so stop crying and get to work.” As always, dad was right and I needed to get back to work. This was certainly going to be a challenge now. With Salsa I felt like I was so far ahead of the game and starting over with something new would likely set me extremely far back. But, I happened to know of a horse that I thought would be up to the challenge. I called Karin that same night and requested he get sent my way as soon as possible. In less than a week “Intaxication” aka Taxi, aka Mr. E. (courtesy of Estolia’s who is helping sponsor with the sale of their salsa) was delivered to my barn.

I am so happy to introduce this awesome guy now. There are so many wonderful things to be said about this horse. As time continues I’m sure you’ll hear them all. Taxi has an incredible work ethic, he thrives on having a job and aims to please. He has progressed so much in the short amount of time I’ve had him. He does have an old bowed tendon but it is solid and cold and he is moving out wonderfully. We are being very cautious and Taxi is always put to work with polo wraps or boots. Afterwards his legs are iced and closely monitored for any heat or swelling. So far so good as he grows stronger and stronger and the muscle is really coming in. This guy is a looker!!! He is going to make a lovely dressage horse, as he carries himself in an upper level frame. But, I think he would a super jumper as well. Time will tell on that one. Taxi’s program mainly consists of lunging in side reins but where we are low on time I try to ride him for at least 10 minutes after a lunge session. Primarily at the walk and trot but we’ve already progressed to a little canter work. I really feel like Taxi and I will still make the RRP but I am not the sort of trainer that will push a horse past their limits. If we make it to Kentucky that’s just going to be awesome. But I’m leaving that decision up to Taxi. Taxi owes us nothing and I know Salsa would have wanted me to give my heart and time to another.


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