Taxi – getting ready to be a star!

Taxi Update

Intaxication (Taxi/Mr E.) is a graduate of the CARMA Placement Program and is partially sponsored by Estolia’s salsa products that donate 100% of their profits to charity.  Here’s another update from trainer Lindy Christensen, LC Equestrian, Las Vegas, NV.

Intaxication is really showing us that the RRP is still in our future.  This guy is so eager to learn and is progressing in his training at an astonishing rate.  Since our last post we’ve nixed lunging and have gone to work exclusively under saddle. Taxi maintains himself in a beautiful frame at not only the walk and trot but the canter as well. I am so proud of this horse and what he has accomplished in such a short amount of time. He is actually picking up on some lateral movements. Taxi can leg yield and even does a bit of shoulder in. He is doing a fantastic job lengthening his stride at not only the trot but the canter as well. He is so balanced and is just a joy to ride. He hasn’t put a hoof out of place. This horse is truly going to be an amateur’s dream. His ground manners are superb and he is so easy to be around. Taxi took a field trip to the vet last week and was a perfect gentleman.  He loaded right in the trailer and was as sane as could be once we arrived. Might I add nothing is wrong with our boy.  He just needed to get a Coggins test because Taxi is set to compete in his first horse show this weekend!! I’m super excited to take him down centerline for the first time. It’ll certainly be interesting to see if Taxi can hold his composure on a new property and in a totally different setting than at home. I have no reason to doubt him and I am certain this will be a great learning experience for him. I will be sure to post lots of pictures and updates of Taxi’s first horse show.

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