Salsa’s New Friend

Salsa is doing wonderful. Everyday he grows a little stronger. We are still working on establishing some more balance at the canter. So as of right now he is still only getting ridden at the walk and trot. However, I think we will attempt some canter work under saddle in the coming weeks. He just had his teeth done so he is enjoying a little downtime.

This handsome man has quickly become a barn favorite. With his wonderful disposition it’s not hard to see why. The kids at the barn all love him. (He likes them to… kids = treats and hugs!!). One of my students, 11 year old Gabi is head over heels for him and spent a good majority of her week helping me out with him. She even rode him at the trot in the round pen. Although he is green, he is a patient teacher and certainly has Gabi pretty fluent when it comes to lunging horses and working with them on the ground.

This horse has an amazing future ahead of him. I’m so happy to be apart of his story!! A special thank you to Enviro Equine for recently sponsoring Salsa and supporting us on our journey. It’s been really rewarding to see how many people have come together for one special horse.

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