Final update before RRP

Taxi's Final Update

Alas, here we are. My final update before Taxi takes his long journey to Kentucky. I can’t believe how quickly time has past. It seems like just yesterday that Taxi found his place in my arms. He’s been such a good boy from the start. It’s very impressive to see how much he has accomplished in a short amount of time. The sky is the limit for this sweet boy. Everyday he impresses me more and more. He is so mellow, so kind and oh so talented. Everyone has been very impressed with his temperament. Just the other day the landscapers were doing there thing right by the arena where we were working, we had leaf blowers and lawn mowers on either side and it didn’t phase him in the least bit. He remained focused and attentive on me and got the job done. Those who witnessed this phenomenon were quite impressed with him.

His dressage work has really excelled in the past month. He is successfully doing first level movements and even a couple of second level movements. He is just a blast to ride and to be around.

With Taxi moving along so nicely I’ve had numerous people ask how I could let something so talented and amazing go. Here are the facts, Taxi has all of the tools to succeed no matter where he goes. With his quite disposition and talent he has a bright future. I look at him and say to myself “Wow!!” I can’t believe that I played such an imperative role to this horses life and future. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I wish I had all the money and time in the world to keep every horse that comes through my barn, but I don’t.  Just like Taxi needed me there are so many others that could use my help. Saying goodbye to him won’t be the end, just another start to lend my talents and time to another in need.

I’m really looking forward to taking that trip down centerline in the coming weeks. We’ve had mountains to climb to get to this point and no matter the outcome Taxi is a winner. I never pushed this horse. The decision to go Kentucky was his. He’s proven that he is more than ready for the journey. Wish us luck and we’ll be sure to post lost of updates once we reach our destination.

Here is the link to Taxi’s latest video. I hope you all enjoy watching how much the boy has blossomed!


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