Taxi’s First Show!

Taxi's First Show

Taxi is on his way and getting prepped for the big Retired Racehorse Project Makeover in Lexington, KY, the first week in October. Taxi/Mr. E. is a graduate of the CARMA Placement Program and originates from the Golden Gate Fields based barn of trainer Billy Morey. He is sponsored by Estolia’s Salsa for charity. Please enjoy this update from trainer Lindy Christensen.

Well he did it!!! Taxi went to his first horse show and did a wonderful job for his first time out. I was really proud of him and couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Mind you our test was far from perfect and we certainly have room for improvement but all things considered he was calm and cool and was actually very fun to take off property. No crazy horse moments!!! He had a few baby moments where he was tense and didn’t necessarily understand that walking on the bit is kind of a big deal in the show ring. But first and foremost it was more important to me to give him some positive experience in a show setting. Hopefully we can find a few more to hit before his big venture to Kentucky!!

Speaking of Kentucky, I’ve finalized our plans and we will be competing in dressage as well as the freestyle completion. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s going to be spectacular. Our music is finished and matches him perfectly. I’m so excited to see how his freestyle turns out.

Taxi is one of a kind. He is extremely sweet and down to earth. This horse isn’t one that can sit around for days on end. He needs and wants a job. He puts everything he has into his daily workouts. Just the other day we decided to try a new event “Don’t Squish the Goat.” Back story… we recently acquired a baby goat. Side note… cutest thing EVER!! Anyhow, every time Taxi and I would canter down the long side, Daisy had the brilliant idea to jump right in front of him. Taxi handled her shenanigans like a pro and politely stepped out of her way and went back to work. It’s the little things like this that create a willing and capable partner. It was so nice to see him handle this on his terms and in a very polite way for both myself and Daisy. We love having him in our barn. Can’t wait to see how much further we’ve progressed to in the coming weeks.



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