Stepping Back to Step Forward

Taxi August 2017


I can’t believe it!! Time has really flown by on this one. In just a little over a month Taxi and I will be taking our journey to Lexington KY. I’m amazed at what this horse has accomplished in such a short amount of time. I think he knew the odds were against us going into this and really wanted to show just how good of a boy he really was. I am so grateful he was the horse to take Salsa’s place in this endeavor. Taxi has been game since the very beginning and it’s really starting to show.

Taxi August 2017

Over the past month we’ve taken a little step back. I wanted to take the time to find the gaps in his training and re address them. As they say… sometimes to take a step forward you have to take a few steps back. We’ve done just that. Taxi is still a little unstable in his trot to canter transitions (which is to be expected, let’s not forget he didn’t start his re-training until mid April!!) so we’ve gone back to work on the ground, focusing on those transitions. It’s imperative that he finds the balance and confidence on his own. I’m happy to say they are finally getting better and he is really showing what he is made of.

Taxi is one of kind. He is a true athlete and aims to please. He puts his best hoof forward everyday. This boy is a star!!! Someone is going to be so lucky to have this horse in their barn. Those of you that are interested in adopting him should get their applications in ASAP!! This sweet boy won’t last long.


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