Name:   Xena

Barn Name: Xena

Birth Year:  Unknown

Gender:  Mare

Height:  15.3

Color: Bay

Location:  Agua Dulce, CA

Starts/Win/Place/Show: N/A

Career Highlights:  N/A

Total Earnings:  N/A

Last Race: N/A

Sire: N/A

Dam: N/A

Other Pedigree Notables: N/A

Description:   Xena was brought to Mike’s Auction to be consigned for sale in July 2014. She was emaciated. Due to her poor condition, the auction turned her away and asked our friends at Forgotten Horses Rescue to take her. Because Xena was a Thoroughbred, Neigh Savers agreed to take her into our care. We were told by her previous owners that she was ridden by their children.

It is obvious that Xena hasn’t had much care in her recent life. Her teeth needed floating and her feet resembled skis. Clearly, she did not have much access to food. Her head never leaves the feeder. Despite the neglect that she has endured, Xena is an affectionate mare. She calls to you when bringing her food. She wraps her head around your body as you rub her neck. We look forward to see how she transforms and look forward to finding her person who will give her the love and attention that she deserves. Are you her person?

April 2015 Update: Xena has found her happy place. She is the type of horse that is very nervous and scared under saddle. Something bad has happened to her and she does everything she can to protect herself. It was decided that a home where she was not ridden was in her best interest. She is a wonderful horse to handle on the ground. Kind, affectionate, and gentle. She loves little people and will allow you to groom on her. Our friend, Susan Schwartz, from Heaven Can Wait, agreed to take Xena into her program and to use her as a therapy horse to the children that visit her sanctuary. Xena will spend her days with the herd, being groomed and read to by children. For a horse who has been so damaged by humans, she has so much love and healing energy to give.