Name: Spinelessstarfish

Barn Name: Star

Birth Year: 2008

Gender: Mare

Height: 16 hh

Color: Bay

Location: Sonoma County, CA

Starts/Win/Place/Show: 4/0/0/0

Career Highlights: Star was not made to be a racehorse. She raced a total of 4 times, once in 2010 and 3 times in 2011. She was essentially last all four times.

Total Earnings: $1,130

Last Race: 7/14/2011

Sire: Spineless Jellyfish

Dam: Charm the Stars (Negotiate)

Other Pedigree Notables: Skywalker, Relaunch, Bold Captive, Damascus, Buckpasser

Description: Star was abandoned at a boarding stable after a very poor and short racing record. She went through some hard times and ended up with SAFER after Neigh Savers discovered her after we had just taken another horse in a similar situation. Luckily, Kate Sullivan and her team were there for Star and were able to help. They put her in extensive training and she was adopted but unfortunately returned. Star needs a confident owner who is not intimidated by energy or size.

She is a beautiful girl and very smart. Star can be can be aggressive with horses in a herd. Star is very assertive but yet friendly.  We are looking for that certain special person – Star is a brilliant sensitive soul! We are still searching for her soul mate!

Update August 2019:  We have discovered that Star may have an old injury to her back, namely the Sacroiliac joint SI (connects the spine to the pelvis).  At this time we would recommend her as a companion horse only.  It is possible with back injections and regular body work, she might make a riding horse, but without further diagnostics by a vet, we cannot say for sure.
She is very sweet, easy to handle on the ground. Likes grooming and attention as well as grazing of course.  As you can see, under the care of Neigh Savers’ volunteers Jenn & Amber Star is thriving.  Thank you so much for the excellent care you are providing this mare.

Update April 2020:  When Board Director Caroline Holmes was alerted to a starving horse some years ago she never thought she would go back to the same place and take another. Diamond in the Rough (Dory) has gone on to a forever home and was successfully adopted.

At the time we were alerted to Star we were caring for 20 plus horses and could not take another. Plus we had just accepted Dory. Luckily we were able to call on our friends at SAFER (Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue) and they placed Star with one of their fosters. Star went to several fosters, had some training put into her and was even adopted, but unfortunately returned. Not only does she have physical limitations but her years of abuse and neglect left her with deep psychological scars.

Her last foster was with Neigh Savers volunteer Jenn Collins and she was with Jenn well over a year. It took much work & searching because sanctuaries are full and it’s almost impossible to be able to place a horse in pasture. Now let’s add a world wide pandemic to the mix as well.  However, Board Director Caroline was resolute that she would prevail nonetheless, never gave up and was finally able to place Star at the Flag Foundation.

Recently, Star boarded the trailer and was off to her new & last home, in a beautiful bucolic sanctuary. Star was a tough one. Now she can just be a horse with nothing asked of her.

I think this is an important story to tell now….it shows that grit, determination, resilience, a true love of animals and patience can get you through many things.

Thank you to everyone involved in this story and especially Kate Sullivan, ED at SAFER.  We truly are a village of connected rescues.  It has been our wish that we can work together when possible while still maintaining our independence.  And, over the years Neigh Savers has and continues to network and work with a number of fine after care organizations.

I hope you enjoy these photos of Star, other than the last one.  Please note how pathetic, unkempt and thin she looked upon our pickup of her.