Hank Brownington

Hank Brownington

Brownie is a three year old gelding out of Whatanispiration by Seattle Buddy. This cute little bay guy is in the middle of a growth spurt. He is going through his awkward stage as he blossoms into a handsome horse. Brownie is young and green, but affectionate. He enjoys interacting with his humans. He is ready to have his own human. Are you ready to partner with Brownie and to continue his training to be a riding horse?

December 2015 Update: It is amazing what a year of food and excellent care can do. Look at how Brownie has transformed into a beautiful young man. He stands at 16 hh. Brownie has the personality of a puppy dog. He is inquisitive and kind. He has been started under saddle and has shown much willingness to learn. Brownie is ready for his person.

February 2016 Update: After almost 13 months since the Christmas Eve rescue of the Lockwood 12 horses, we are ecstatic to announce the placement of our final horse, Brownie.

It was Christmas Eve and there was no food on the property. Despite being out of food, freezing temperatures, and dirty frozen water, the Humane Society could not seize the animals. Due to the current legal regulations, this situation did not completely meet the standards for a prosecutable case. Working directly with the owner of these horses was our only shot at getting these horses to safety. Our team worked diligently and quickly. After several weeks we were set to go. In the eleventh hour, the efforts to rescue these horses almost failed.

Fortunately, on December 23, 2014, at 4 PM in the afternoon, we were there. It took time to load horses that knew no human kindness, did not know what a halter was. Three year olds looked like yearlings. There neglect was longstanding. Was there hope for these horse? We persevered.

The trailers left for NexStar Ranch at 8:30 PM. they arrived Christmas Eve at 1 AM. We got them safe.

Slowly and methodically, all 12 horses were placed in their stalls. Soft bedding, fresh hay, and clean water was available. Not a single sound was made. The silence deafening.

It spoke volumes as to what these horses had experienced. Nothing. There needs were not met. They were shutting down. Waiting for the unknown.

One by one each horse came around. Nickering for the food truck. Slowly learning that the touch of a human could be kind.

The Lockwood horses started leaving NexStar, finding their own special person. First Lefty, then Boots, Henrietta…

Each horse left, until there was one left. Brownie or Brown Thing as he is affectionately called. A plain bay gelding who has made the biggest transformation out of all the horses. He is still growing. Although 4, he looks more immature, the years of neglect have delayed his growth. This boy who loves nothing more than human interaction has just landed himself into the arms of foster Caroline H. and Hawkwood Hill Farm in Petaluma, CA. Beautiful pastures, green grass, and rainbows.

May 2016 Update: Brownie has been renamed Hank Brownington. After receiving much needed training, Hank had a phenomenal opportunity to go into training with Emily Conforti of Down Centerline Dressage. Hank is learning to act like a grown-up horse and be socially appropriate with his other equine friends. Hank is thriving in his home and Emily is slowly starting to put some miles on him, transitioning into being a grown-up horse.

October 2016 Update:  We are very excited to announce that Hank Brownington has been adopted and will be in training as a therapy horse. Hank is a natural born healer who has been through significant abuse himself and yet shows great compassion and connection to his human handlers. For the interim Hank will stay in northern California but eventually will move to Washington with life coach Jennifer Malocha. Jennifer has devoted her career to showing clients how to become fit and empowered — physically, emotionally, personally and professionally. She can help YOU find and eliminate the limiting behaviors blocking your success along with the guidance you need to create greater clarity in your life, your body, your work and your relationships. Check it out at www.wuhoocoaching.com.  We would also like to thank trainer Emily Conforti of Down Centerline Dressage for her excellent training of Hank and bringing out his very best qualities.