It’s only February…

…but Salsa has already competed in a schooling show! Our latest update from Lindy has us really excited for Salsa’s chances this fall!
“We’ve started doing a little work under saddle. Salsa has been such a gem to work with. He’s even more fun under saddle. He has really taken well to connection and is doing an awesome job keeping himself on the bit at the walk and trot (I haven’t attempted any canter yet… he still needs to develop a little more muscle and balance for that to be a success).  He has been so good, the 4 times I’ve ridden him at least… that I decided to take him to a local schooling show just to get him out and comfortable with the idea of going to new places. Well, he was such a SAINT I decided to enter Salsa in an Intro Western Dressage class. Today was the very first time I put my Western saddle on him and nothing about today phased him. He was a super super good boy.  And, he even placed 2nd!!”

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