Bear Creek Programs Update

Los Gatos High School Freshman spent a muddy weekend learning how to communicate safely and effectively with retired thoroughbreds. They learned how to apply and release pressure to begin a dialogue and how to read the horses facial expressions and body language. Each student practiced round pen skills to gain trust and understanding of the horse. Later, the group hand walked the horse on the trail practicing quieting skills.  The students also mucked stalls, groomed horses, cleaned tack and then hugged plenty of OTTBs.  The students were required to complete 10 hours of community service and will present their projects in an open forum.  We are pleased that we could offer this service to the community at large.
A special thanks to Bear Creek Creek Stables’ NS volunteers, Team Leader, Jenny Whitman and to Diane Azevedo and Karen Read for providing rain gear and refreshments to all the participants.

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