Ashley RRP Update – August 2018

Ashley has had all sorts of adventures in August gearing up for RRP here in just a little over a month!  She took another trip to the beach and encountered all kinds of weird things!

She’s practicing obstacles she’ll encounter during her Ranch Horse class at RRP.  “Take a second out of your busy day and watch Ashley work out traversing her first REAL bridge, just last week.  Small act for many horses, big deal for her. She’s super skeptical about putting her feet places (not a bad thing necessarily), but this will be one of the obstacles she will have to do confidently at the Thoroughbred Makeover in October. So we’ve been piecing it together little by little at home, and she didn’t let me down out in the real world.”

She’s continuing to develop her cow horse skills. “This cow thought it could ACTUALLY out run a racehorse… silly cow.  This was Ashley and I last night. We were actually just working on WALKING our cows around the perimeter of the arena, getting and keeping things nice and quiet… good for the cows, and great work for Ashley. But, this heifer had other ideas and made a break for it. I asked Ashley to accelerate for the first time since I’ve had her, and she handled it with composure; we ran over there and got a good clean, straight stop, that was mostly soft and got our cow shut down… really good girl Ashley!”














Ashley also just took her first overnight trip and handled it with class! They recently visited Preston, Nevada for one of Kalley’s BHT Fundamentals Clinics.

These pictures don’t really capture the rugged majesty of this land, but they’re a good try.  In Preston and the surrounding area, there is still nomadic herding that goes on, where the herders and their dogs trail 1000 head plus, of sheep through the BLM land at different times of the year… it certainly takes you back to a different time and place.  In any case, Ashley and I just finished our first BHT Fundamentals Clinic together, and we had a FANTASTIC time.  Ashley got introduced to a herd of Cashmere goats for the first time, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, but ended up settling right in.”

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