Terms of Adoption

1. The horse may not be raced.

2. If a mare or filly, the horse may not be used as a broodmare or a recipient mare.

3. The horse may need additional training that Adoptive Owner may be interested in pursuing.  Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. does not guarantee the training or ability of any horse.  In some instances a horse adopted from Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. will be only be able to be kept in pasture and will not be able to be ridden.

4. This horse will never be re-sold for anything other than the purpose of a riding horse. Auctions and slaughter facilities will not be used to either sell or dispose of your Neigh Savers horse. If the horse must be euthanized, it must be done in a humane way by lethal injection administered by a licensed veterinarian. Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. must be notified before, if possible, or immediately after the process. Proof of death must be provided, such as a veterinarian’s invoice or written statement from a veterinarian.

5. During the initial one year placement period, the named horse may only be transferred back to Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. and the Adoptive Owner cannot sell the horse. If, at any time after the first year, the new owner decides that he/she can no longer care for the horse, or should decide to sell or give the horse to another person, then Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. reserves the right of first refusal in taking the horse back into its program, at no cost to Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. It is the owner’s responsibility to place the horse if Neigh Savers does not have the space to find a home for said horse. Adoption fees are nonrefundable. Notify Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. if you are re-homing or selling the above listed horse.

6. If the horse is returned to Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. at any time, the horse MUST be returned in the same or better condition as when adopted or the Adoptive Owner is responsible for any costs associated with the horse’s ailment(s). Ailments can be, but are not limited to: cuts and abrasions, respiratory illnesses, soft tissue of bone injury or other ailments received while in the possession of the Adoptive Owner. A vet check will be required and paid for by the Adoptive Owner before Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. will agree to take the horse back. The Adoptive Owner is also responsible for costs associated with transport of the adopted horse to one of Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. partner facilities.

7. Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. requests the right to visit said horse after giving reasonable notice, such as 24 hours, to Adoptive Owner. Please note that if the horse is found to be either in poor condition, such as extremely thin with prominence of ribs, covered with visible open or healing wounds or other visible signs of poor care or mistreatment, or living in a squalid environment such as a stall clearly packed with feces or in a paddock clearly inundated in manure or water, Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. retains the right to repossess the horse without notice.

8. The Adoptive Owner is responsible for all transportation costs, paperwork, vaccinations or other costs associated with the adoption and relocation of this horse.

9.  The Adoptive Owners will submit an update and update photos of the adopted horse to Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. at increments of 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after the adoption date.  These images and updates will be used for marketing purposes.


Please make note of the following:

Changes in housing and routine may produce changes in the behavior of the horse; therefore additional training for both riding and ground manners may be necessary. Training or consultations by an equine professional is recommended to ease transition stress for both the new owner and horse at the cost of the Adoptive Owner.

Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. makes no guarantees in writing or verbally on the soundness of any animal available for adoption. Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. will gladly honor the Adoptive Owner’s request for a pre-purchase veterinary consultation, to be paid for by the Adoptive Owner.

Horses are unpredictable animals. Consequently, Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. is not responsible for any damages to persons or property once the horse is adopted.