Lumpy Updates20230807233415

Lumpy Updates

Karin WagnerAugust 7, 20230 comments
Warning: Images of tumor and surgery site…so only look if you can handle it! I thought I’d share a photo journey of Lumpy with everyone. H...
Aotearoa Returns20230526203524

Aotearoa Returns

Karin WagnerMay 26, 20230 comments
Some of you remember Aotearoa or Artie, as we called him, because we couldn’t pronounce his name. He was a feisty chestnut running for a nickel and a ...
Warhorse Updates July 202220220703230622

Warhorse Updates July 2022

Karin WagnerJuly 3, 20220 comments
Since we started focusing on race track warriors nearly three years ago, we have managed to retire 15.  Most raced for 10 years, although some were re...
Tonka at Baja Horses & Equine Assisted Therapy Program20220413190413

Tonka at Baja Horses & Equine Assisted Therapy Program

Karin WagnerApril 13, 20220 comments
Tonka was adopted out to Baja Horses for training and to be a lesson horse. Eventually he may become a therapy horse. This will be his permanent home ...
Summer 2021 Update20210607210220

Summer 2021 Update

Karin WagnerJune 7, 20210 comments
There have been many happenings going on at Neigh Savers.  Most of them are extremely positive and thanks to you, we have been able to forge ahead on ...
Update November 202020201127193048

Update November 2020

Karin WagnerNovember 27, 20200 comments
Dear Neigh Savers donors, friends & volunteers: We wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving during a holiday season unlike any we’ve ever experienc...
Six Month Recap20200707035242

Six Month Recap

Karin WagnerJuly 7, 20200 comments
We’ve been mostly off social media but we felt we needed to post the A Flicker of Light story (Flicka) so it made me think about the last six months i...
Helping Moose20181212161301

Helping Moose

Karin WagnerDecember 12, 20180 comments
I promised you a little information about Moose and here it is.  As many of you know, I am spending a lot of time in Baja now.  And as many of you tha...
9th Annual Holiday Turf Club Party & Fundraiser Wrap Up20181207225903

9th Annual Holiday Turf Club Party & Fundraiser Wrap Up

Karin WagnerDecember 7, 20180 comments
  We’d like to thank all the donors and supporters that made our 9th Annual Holiday Turf Club Party & Fundraiser held on December 1, 2018 ano...
Race for the Rescues 2018 Wrap Up20181018000736

Race for the Rescues 2018 Wrap Up

Karin WagnerOctober 18, 20180 comments
                                  Team Neigh Savers participated for t...
RRP Wrap Up 201820181011173321

RRP Wrap Up 2018

Karin WagnerOctober 11, 20180 comments
So RRP 2018 is a wrap and we couldn’t be prouder of Sassy Ashley and her performances in the polo and working ranch classes!  We had a great time atte...
Ashley RRP Update – August 201820180827173223

Ashley RRP Update – August 2018

Karin WagnerAugust 27, 20180 comments
Ashley has had all sorts of adventures in August gearing up for RRP here in just a little over a month!  She took another trip to the beach and encoun...