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Helping Moose

I promised you a little information about Moose and here it is.  As many of you know, I am spending a lot of time in Baja now.  And as many of you that know me personally can well imagine I had to get involved in the rescue of a former Mexican rental string horse while there last month.  All the Pretty Horses is a rescue outfit based on Rosarito, Baja that helps horses that are being abused or need retirement mostly in rental string outfits.  My new friends Lynn and Patrick (Paco) live on the same ranch as our home is located on and take a lot of these horses directly from All the Pretty Horses.
One of their rescues, Moose, an Appendix, needed to go to the University vet hospital in Mexicali and suffered a severe episode of colic upon arrival and needed immediate surgery.  He ended up spending 5 weeks there.  The University students used him as a case study and ended up being bonded to this very personable horse.  I connected with Lynn and Paco and then after approval from our Board we decided to help Moose to offset some of his medical expenses.  I was lucky enough to travel the two hours to Mexicali and pick him up.  Moose has returned to his home on the El Dorado Ranch and will be working as a therapy horse for the children’s therapy program Lynn runs that benefit the local kids in San Felipe.  I am very proud to be connected to this program and hope to do more in the future.

Please enjoy these photos of Moose with his veterinary school students at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja.

In closing, on behalf of Neigh Savers, I wish all of you a very blessed holiday season and Happy New Year!



9th Annual Holiday Turf Club Party & Fundraiser Wrap Up


We’d like to thank all the donors and supporters that made our 9th Annual Holiday Turf Club Party & Fundraiser held on December 1, 2018 another success.

This year we partnered with Hope for Horses and it was loads of fun! We had a full house at 130 guests.

Most joyously, a lot of younger volunteers came on the day of and helped with volunteering. A contingent of Neigh Savers’ volunteers even baked horse cookies and they sold out during the event! Junior volunteers from Hope for Horses manned the Raffle.

Pictures say it all so please enjoy these photos showing Board Director Maureen Sowell and Executive Director Karin Wagner, a small taste of our Silent Auction (we had 53 donated items), Maddie and Annie displaying their horse cookies proudly along with their sales proceeds, the table setting complete with a signed poster by Russell Baze and the late William Morey, designer horse cookies in either a lucky holiday horseshoe or a horse head, a beautiful rainbow from our perch in the Golden Gate Fields Turf Club and a whole lot of happy people from Neigh Savers and Hope for Horses standing together in the Winner’s Circle.