Name: Sarazua

Barn Name: Zack

Birth Year: 2011

Gender: Gelding

Height: 16.3

Color: Bay

Location: Bear Creek Stables

Starts/Win/Place/Show: 3/1/0/1

Career Highlights:   Raced only three times at Golden Gate Fields in maiden claiming company with one Starter Allowance race.

Total Earnings: $9,465.

Last Race: 4/26/2014

Sire: Iron Cat

Dam: Outrageous Oyster (Wild Gold)

Other Pedigree Notables: Storm Cat, Wild Again, Terlingua, Iron Ruler Nijinksy, Northern Dancer

Description: Somebody forgot to tell Zack (aka Sarazua) that he is a Thoroughbred – this gentle giant stands over 16.3 hands, and is built like a classical European Warmblood.  His chill personality belies his OTTB roots, but when he has the occasional “youngster” moment, you can see the magnificent racehorse he was.  Sarazua (Zack) is an extremely personable gelding with a very short racing career.  Essentially, Zack was more a barn pet than a race horse.  He was kept at Golden Gate Fields for more than two years after his last race.  Zack was put back into training and suffered a bowed tendon for which he is in rehab at Eclipse Equine Therapy in Paso Robles, CA.  Zack is a very handsome guy and after rehab should be able to perform very well in another career based on his talent and preferences still to be determined.

Update October 2016:  Zack is making good progress at Bear Creek Stables.  He has turned into a barn favorite with his good looks, willing attitude and kind and gentle demeanor.  Stay tuned for this beauty to make a complete comeback!

Update July 2017:  Barn Manager Jenny Whitman – Zack is easily one of the most loving horses that I have ever worked with. He loves to be with people and his heart is very big.

So far on the trail, he has been very calm and he enjoys the experience. He grazes next to Runner and takes in everything with an open mind. He has a warmblood quietness about him. He was absolutely terrified of the stream but he overcame his fear and decided to trust me and recently crossed the stream with Runner easily.

Most of the time we’ve had Zack, he has been in rehab so it was only recently that I started ponying him on the trail. He was navigating the uneven terrain well. I have hand walked him on the trail a few times and he stayed relaxed and attentive.

As he became more conditioned, his foot placement has improved and he has stopped stumbling.  He has also cleared two trot poles easily. His transitions are clean and he stays relaxed in the canter. He eagerly tries to please.  He has always been very brave for me.  I love this horse!

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