Najinsky Proud

Najisnky Proud  is a 16.1 hh, 4 year old, Thoroughbred Gelding. He is a beautifully put together horse with a stunning topline. Recently gelded, this unraced colt will make a lovely riding horse. His right front foot toes out, thus making him more appropriate as a riding horse. He is just getting started now.

Ninja has a lovely and calm temperament. He clearly knows very little, but is willing to learn. His trainer, Doug, reports that he is very willing. Although clearly green, he is sensible and wants to be a good solid citizen.

Ninja is one of the Lancaster 19. These horses were simply warehoused and given just basic food and water in a dry and unforgiving facility.  They did not know the kindness of a human touch, were kept in small chain link pens, never had the opportunity to exercise, socialize or run free. For all practical purposes they were in a horse prison and served nothing more than a reproductive function.

Update: August 2016
We are pleased to announce that repeat adopters Chris & Jen W. have formally adopted Lancaster 19 horse Nijinksky Proud (Ninja). We would to thank Sommer & Dave at NexStar Ranch for the excellent care they took of Ninja and trainer Doug for prepping Ninja for his new life. Chris & Jen committed to Ninja three months ago but needed to be emotionally ready for him as they had recently lost a beloved equine companion. Shown below is Ninja (left) with his new best friend, Lord’s Table (Louie), a former Neigh Savers horse that Chris & Jen adopted in 2009. We love our repeat adopters! Congratulations to all!!!!