Moe is a discarded children’s rental string horse. He is approximately 20 years old and a very sweet guy. Moe is about 14 hands tall. He is under weight and lacks muscle tone. Moe was purchased for $130.

Moe has very pronounced hind end issues as well as a deformed left hind foot. Moe, like Dottie, has a cough. It appears that he has significant ringbone issues.

Instead of doing right by Moe, he was dumped at auction to bleed the last few dollars out of him. He was purchased from Mike’s Auction in October 2015 for $130. We are in the process of evaluating Moe’s condition and determining how best to keep him comfortable.

November 2015 Update: A couple of days ago Moe, the paint pony we rescued last month, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  He was our first non TB and we will always honor and remember him.  He was a kind guy but his condition was so bad that our vet recommended we euthanize him immediately. This horse deserved better than he got at the end.  We chose to keep him comfortable for a few weeks and let him enjoy his comfy stall, have food available at all times and be given treats, hugs and affection.  This horse died peacefully and with dignity. Run free sweet Moe!