Mississippi Gold

Mississippi Gold raced 38 times and earned over 170K.  His last race at the age of 10 was on December 1, 2012. He was vanned off the track with a pulled muscle and then in his 11th year brought back again but at that time it was determined that he needed to be retired. We very quickly found a wonderful home for him in the redwoods of Humboldt County on a 20 acre ranch with Martha and husband Eric and a small herd of horses. Martha uses Gold as a trail horse and recently took him to the beach.  He has been re-named  “Mac.”  He’s a super sweet guy and his new family loves him dearly.  He has filled out and is becoming a beautiful horse.  He is best friends with Martha’s other horse Amos.  He’s gaining confidence and skills and Martha cannot wait to go on a solo beach outing with Mac.