Lady Chatterly

Lady Chatterly was formerly identified as Hip #121 from November 2015 Mike’s Auction. She is very friendly wants to be groomed on. Lady Chatterly’s feet need farrier care and she needs food. She is very herd bound, but it is clear that her friends don’t live there because nobody is responding to her cries.

After feeding her dinner, it was clear that she was having a difficult time eating her hay. She just pushed it around her stall. Once given some senior feed, she devoured it. Soaked pellets and senior feed it is until Dr. Heaton comes on Thursday to work on her teeth.

November 2015 Update: It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Lady Chatterly. She was dumped at auction with an almost guaranteed ride on the wrong trailer. Neigh Savers took this sweet girl knowing that whatever the outcome would be, that it would be better than their alternative.

Dr. Heaton evaluated Lady Chatterly. She had clearly foundered on her RF and the wall of her hoof was separating as a result of the founder. Her coffin bone was significantly rotated. She endured so much pain that while examining her RF, she was non-weight bearing on her LH. She was ancient, well over 30, and eating was next to impossible for her. Soaked pellets and senior were given, but even that, she just picked. Dr. Heaton recommended that the most humane thing to do was to let her go peacefully.