Fire Break

Fire Break came to Neigh Savers after racing 57 times and earning nearly 265K.  He was quickly dubbed “The Dude.”  After just a few months of retraining, he was found by Ashley.  Ashley fell madly in love and the Dude was adopted by Ashley and moved to American Canyon. Ashley suffers from lupus and is using The Dude as a therapy horse. She calls him “her best friend.” family!!!!

A recent update from Ashley:  “Prior to my chemo Dude was excelling and I began riding.  It was during this time my Lupus flared up and my doctors felt it necessary to proceed with he chemo.  My desire to continue with Dude’s training has enabled me to fight through the months of treatment.  Dude is such a sweetheart and his affection to me has been a great support during these difficult few months.  Everyone adores him and talks about how amazing and unique he is!!  He has put on some needed weight and as we move forward with our training and build his muscles up he will be magnificent.  I could go on talking about my baby forever…”