Bella was formerly identified as Hip #119 from the November 2015 Mike’s Auction. She is an older lady who is a bit thin. She has a horrible front end. It looks as though she has fractured her knee or fetlock at some point and due to compensation, her leg is quite crooked. Despite this, she is a very kind mare who is very smart.

Sommer reported that she went in her stall to take photos and left her door just slightly, as in a few inches, ajar. Bella looked at Sommer, looked and the door, and looked at Sommer again. All while proceeding to fling the door wide open with her nose. Fortunately, Sommer moves a bit faster. Despite having the door shut in her face, Bella attempted her antics once again. This smart and apparently sassy mare is a doll to love on. Sommer was instantly enamored by her personality.

November 2015 Update: It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Bella. She was dumped at auction with an almost guaranteed ride on the wrong trailer. Neigh Savers took this sweet girl knowing that whatever the outcome would be, that it would be better than their alternative.

At auction, we knew something was very wrong with Bella’s from end. She was so significantly over at the knee. Upon examination, Dr. Heaton noted that she had DSLD in her right front. Her suspensory ligament was degenerating and the disfigurement of her right front was due to compensation. It was time to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge.