Neigh Savers’ Horse to compete in Retired Racehorse Project’s 100K makeover

Oso SmartOso Smart begins his journey to Kentucky

We are pleased to announce that our professional trainer, Sigourney Jellins of SLJ Eventing applied for and was selected to participate in the Retired Racehorse Project’s 100K makeover competition to be held in Lexington, Kentucky October 2016.

As her horse Sigourney chose Oso Smart, a beautiful 2011 dark bay gelding by the great sire and two time Horse of the Year Curlin.  Oso was just coming off a lengthy rehab with us for a bow tendon injury.  He last raced in February 2015. Oso came to Neigh Saver’s through the CARMA (California Retirement Management Account) Placement Program. The program helps transition horses, typically ones with injuries from racing to retraining or retirement programs.

We are very excited for Sigourney and equally excited for Oso who is being offered a tremendous training opportunity.  Sigourney was chosen for both dressage and eventing so we will see what discipline Oso will eventually compete in.

Oso has no sponsors and we would appreciate donations towards his professional training costs, board, farrier, medical, shavings and supplements.  We also need to raise money to send him to Kentucky and then back to California.  After his competition he will be offered for adoption through our program.  Any sponsors to Oso’s training and other supportive costs will have first right of refusal if interested in adopting.  Oso is a beautifully built very athletic horse with lots of Irish sports horse in his pedigree.  He is a kind and willing partner as well.  In other words, even without the exceptional training is now getting, he is a real find.

We are thrilled that Neigh Savers will be participating in the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover and wish both Sigourney and Oso great success. Oso Smart will be available for adoption after he participates in the Retired Racehorse Project’s 100K makeover competition to be held in Lexington, Kentucky October 2016.

The Jockey Club: Microchips Mandated with Foal Registration

The Jockey Club announced today that as of 2017 they are mandating that foals be microchipped when they are registered:

Microchips are being introduced as part of the registration process for Thoroughbreds. Microchipping is voluntary and free for foals of 2016 and later. An implanted microchip will be required for the registration of foals in 2017.

For foals of 2016, microchips may be requested on the Live Foal Report and will be mailed with the Registration Application and DNA kit. The microchips that will be distributed are the “Slim Microchip T-SL” model manufactured by DATAMARS.

Microchips should be implanted by an equine veterinarian or under the supervision of a veterinarian before or at the same time the DNA hair sample is collected, markings are recorded, and photos are taken. The horse identifier should scan the microchip and record the number along with the markings when identifying the horse.

Oftentimes, it is very difficult or nearly impossible to identify an untattooed Thoroughbred. As of 2017, all foals will be microchipped. This will simplify the identification process.

At Neigh Savers, we are thrilled with this recent change.


8 Horses Saved!

November 2015 Auction Horses

Meet the 8 lives YOU HELPED SAVE!!!!

Because of you and your ongoing support of our program, 8 horses were saved from November Mike’s Auction. The first week after auction is busy. Intake, evaluations, quarantine, veterinary care, farrier care, and updating the website. The horses are our first priority, but then we want to keep you, our supporters updated on the status of each of the horses. It really does take a bit of time to evaluate everyone.

So, here it is! Introducing November 2015 Auction Horses:

Royal Rhythm (Queenie): Hip 136, Very sweet. She is tired, worn out. It is clear that she sustained a slab fracture at some point in her career as her RF knee is permanently altered. Her feet are long and misshapen. She has a Body Condition Score (BCS) of 3+.

Bobby, formerly known as Hip # 136, was rescued from November 2015 Mike’s Auction. This sweet and petite boy was ridden through the auction ring. He appeared quite broke. He has a BCS of 5, teeth had sharp points. Shod on all four and appears sound upon exam.

Jake, formerly known as Hip # 113, was rescued from November 2015 Mike’s Auction. This sweet, sweet boy was ridden through the ring and rode well. He is clearly very broke. His rider was quite rough on him, despite this, after showing off Jake’s moves, he dropped the reins and Jake walked away quietly and calmly. Jake presented with a BCS of 4. He has a very enlarged LF knee and upon radiograph was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the radial carpal joint. The knee has minimal flexion. There is significant amount of bone spurs. Circles and adult weight on his back are big no-no’s for him.

Carrot, formerly known as Hip #120 at November 2015 Mike’s Auction. Sommer reports that Carrot was a little pushy coming off the trailer. She ran towards her stall. She settled in quickly. Carrot is an Arab X and is ~18 yo. She is off on the LH. She presented with a BCS of 3.25 and had sharp points on her teeth. She had significant ulcerations in her mouth.

Lady Chatterly formerly known as Hip #121 from November 2015 Mike’s Auction. She is very friendly wants to be groomed on. Lady Chatterly’s feet need farrier care and she needs food. She is minimally eating the soaked feed that is being provided to her and is unable to eat hay. Upon exam, it was noted that she was minimally weight bearing on the LH and that she had foundered with significant rotation on the RF. BCS of 2.

Bella was formerly identified as Hip #119 from the November 2015 Mike’s Auction. She is an older lady who is a bit thin. She has a horrible front end. Dr. Heaton has diagnosed her with DSLD and she is compensating by being so over at knee. Despite this, she is a very kind mare who is very smart. BCS of 3.

Bijou was formerly identified as Hip #122 at the November 2015 Mike’s Auction. She is a dun mare who appears vision damaged in the left eye with significant corneal scarring. She came to auction with deep cuts over her eye, on left side barrel, and stifle. She is carrying decent weight. Bijou seems friendly but is a bit head shy. She is not comfortable with being touched on her left side likely due to the recent trauma she has endured. She has a BCS of 5. She is quite nervous with very bad teeth and significant ulcerations in her mouth.

Ella was one of two horses rejected from Mike’s Auction in November 2015. She was turned away because she had a gaping wound that had been left untreated for some time as it had developed a foul odor. It looked as if she had been skewered in the shoulder by a T-Post. Mike’s Auction insisted that this mare be surrendered to Forgotten Horses Rescue, Inc.. In turn, FHR asked Neigh Savers to take over her care. There she was, injured, starving and surrendered in a parking lot at Mike’s Auction. She has a BCS of 2.5 and is in need of feet and teeth being done.

If one of these lucky horses speaks to you, please let us know. We are always looking for incredible adopters to give a horse a wonderful home.

Sponsor a horse, donate to save a life, honor a loved one with a gift in their name. This is truly a gift of life. The November 2015 Auction horses thank you!

Sponsor a Horse:
PayPal Email: [email protected]


Some Exciting News!

After a unanimous vote from our Board Directors, Neigh Savers is proud to announce we are now working with all breeds of at-risk horses.

Our organization has always prided itself on the love, care, retraining, and rehoming we bring these horses. Neigh Savers is thrilled that we will be helping all breeds now.

We have and always will be very active in the Thoroughbred Industry. These horses are very near and dear to our heart.

Last month, over 60% of the horses that went through Mike’s Auction were loaded on the “wrong trailer”. Neigh Savers decided it was time to take action. From the discarded child’s horse to the forgotten trail horse, old and young, we will do our part in providing them with a safe landing and new home.


Team Members Needed for Race for the Rescues



Calling all Neigh Savers Supporters!

Join us in raising money and awareness for our Retired Racing Thoroughbreds at the most fun animal fundraiser of the year, the Race for the Rescue!

October 24, 2015
The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA

Help us reach our goal of $10,000  
We can do it…with your help!

Be a part of Team Neigh Savers. Unite in numbers and show your support for the horses. There are several races to choose from 1K, 5K, 10K, and Kids Fun Run. Want to support, but are in Europe? No problem, Join the Virtual Couch Potato Run!

Line Dance with Celebrity Guest Jane Lynch. Chow down on BBQ. Help run the Neigh Savers Tent. Oh, there are special prizes given for money that you raise. Raise money for your team and help the horses! It’s a total win-win.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER OR DONATERace_2015_11x17_Country_Poster









Questions? Ideas? Volunteer? Click here to contact Team Captain Maureen



Neigh Savers Awarded Grant from ASPCA

We would like to acknowledge and thank the ASPCA for once again honoring us with a grant from the Equine Racers Fund. The ASPCA is the voice for all defenseless animals and has been for nearly 150 years.

Press Release:

Neigh Savers has been awarded a grant from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

July 14, 2015

Neigh Savers is the Proud Recipient of the ASPCA 2015 Grant

Neigh Savers is the Proud Recipient of the ASPCA 2015 Grant

Walnut Creek, CA – Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. ( is pleased to announce it has received a grant from the ASPCA. The ASPCA was the first humane organization in the Western Hemisphere. Its mission, as stated by founder, Henry Bergh, in 1866, is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.”

Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc. is a Walnut Creek based 501c3 non-profit organization with locations in both southern and northern California. Neigh Savers is dedicated to the welfare and safety of ex-race horses. Since its inception in May 2007, the organization has provided rescue, rehabilitation and retraining services to more than 400 thoroughbreds.

Karin Wagner, Executive Director of Neigh Savers said: “We are honored to receive this grant from the ASPCA to help support us in the retraining efforts of our off track athletes and heros. We are pleased that the ASPCA continues to support the programs at Neigh Savers and applaud their commitment to helping all breeds of animals.”

For more information, please reference or


Kid’s Open House at Schott in the Dark Farms

Diane Schott and little boy enjoying a pony ride

Diane Schott and little boy enjoying a pony ride

What is better than kids, off-track thoroughbreds, and family? Not much! On June 10, 2015 Neigh Savers’s Southern California hosted a Kid’s Open House at Schott in the Dark Farms in Agoura.

The morning was a great success. Families had the opportunity to learn about the Neigh Savers program. Kids got to meet two of our program’s horses: Onyx Be Good and High & Mighty. Carrots and scratches were plenty as children had the opportunity to interact with our horses. Many of these kids were touching a horse for the first time. Activities included face painting, horse shoe toss, people jumping, and pony rides.

A big thank you to Diane and Karl Schott of Schott in the Dark Farms for opening their barn to the community. Also, many thanks to our volunteers for making this such a success.

Face painting, it is a family affair

Face painting, it is a family affair

Lots of carrots and new friends enjoying the company of our resident horses.

Lots of carrots and new friends enjoying our horses

Best buddies digging with their horseshoes

Best buddies digging with their horseshoes

Baby & Dad meeting an Off-Track Thoroughbred

Baby & Dad meeting an Off-Track Thoroughbred


TCA Awards Neigh Savers Grant

TCA 2015 Grantee

Neigh Savers Foundation is a proud TCA 2015 Grantee

Nigh Savers proudly stands with 67 other fine thoroughbred charities that received a 2015 grant from the TCA (Thoroughbred Charities of America). Thank you so much for believing in our work.

TCA Awards Over $511,000 in Grants

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) announced today grants totaling $511,650 have been awarded to 67 Thoroughbred industry-related non-profits that work to uphold TCA’s mission. Grant recipients from the last three years can be found on

TCA distributes grants to several categories of Thoroughbred related nonprofits including retirement, rehabilitation and adoption organizations; backstretch and farm employee programs; therapeutic riding programs; and research organizations.

“After carefully reviewing each grant application, we are pleased to announce our 2015 grant recipients,” said TCA president Dan Rosenberg. “TCA appreciates the tireless efforts of each of our grantees as they work to advance their missions. We are also extremely grateful for the support of our donors that make our annual grants possible.”

TCA has granted over $21 million to more than 200 Thoroughbred-related charities since its inception in 1990. TCA grants funds to organizations that successfully meet the criteria set forth in its annual grant application. Grant applications for the 2016 grant cycle will be available on in early January.

Formed in 1990, TCA’s mission is to provide a better life for Thoroughbreds, both during and after their racing careers by supporting retirement, rescue and research and by helping the people who work with them. TCA raises money for distribution to charitable organizations that work to uphold its mission. From 2000-2014, more than 95% of TCA’s expenditures were allocated to program services including direct grants.  Donations to TCA are always accepted and can be made as direct donations or as donations in lieu of flowers, birthday gifts or other occasions. TCA’s largest annual fundraiser is a Stallion Season Auction held each January. For more information please visit TCA is the charitable arm of the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA).

To find out more about the TCA and to donate visit their website at

Help! 12 Horses Need a Christmas Miracle

Seattle Buddy

Seattle Buddy, stallion, son of Seattle Slew emaciated and in terrible condition

Help! Standing in Snow and Running out of Time

We need your help! We need to perform 12 Christmas miracles by Christmas Day. Immediate funds are needed to seize these horses. Neigh Savers has been contacted by the Ventura County Humane Society. A former racehorse breeder has been under investigation for the last 2.5 years. His horses have been neglected, their weight is dropping, and feet are in terrible condition. Some horse’s body score are quickly approaching 1 and 2. Tofurther make matters worse, there are 5 horses who, according to humane officers, need to have immediate veterinary attention and with our recent storms, these horse are standing in snow. Food is limited and they are not receiving the care that they need. Time is running out. These are his final 12 horses and they are wasting away. These pictures were taken at the beginning of December. Their body condition is rapidly deteriorating and their feet are painful from neglect. Without farrier care, theses horses will be crippled.

Young Lockwood Horse

Young horse, depressed and hungry

Because Neigh Savers does not yet have its own facility, it is very hard for us to take 1 Stallion, 3 Broodmares, and 8 two to three year olds. The Humane Society has offered to house these horses during their initial rehabilitation period, BUT they don’t have funds to care for them or the resources to adopt them. Neigh Savers is doing our best to make this holiday miracle happen. We need to raise IMMEDIATE FUNDING to seize these horses and provide the care that is much needed.

$3,000 will get us through the first month of hay, grain, farrier, and vet care. We need to raise more than this. No one wants to leave these horses. We want to hold the person accountable who has done this. We cannot responsibly take these horses on without your support. Can we save these horse by Christmas?

Unhandled colt who has known nothing but struggle and neglect

Unhandled colt who has known nothing but struggle and neglect

We know that it is a busy time of the year. We know many of you have helped with High & Mighty. The need is great, the horses are suffering. We will always to our best to responsibly rescue the ones who need us. Please help us save these 12 horses, let us give them the Christmas miracle that they rightly deserve. Help us end their suffering.

All monetary donations and donations of tack, blankets, and supplies are tax deductible. We are in need of homes. These are some well-bred horses. If you are interested in adopting, please immediately contact us.


Donate to Neighsavers Foundation

For donations of supplies, please email [email protected]
To Adopt one of these horses, please email: [email protected]

1st Annual SoCal Open House!

Come out and join us for Neigh Savers 1st Annual Open House Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 4-7 PM. Open house will be held at the beautiful Day Creek Ranch. Come out, meet the horses, our wonderful volunteers, enjoy a taco dinner and silent auction. Families are welcome!


Open House copy 2

July 2014 Update

July has been a very active month for us. The most important thing is that all the horses we received are doing great and we thank you for being a part of it.

Swifty Found!

Swifty Found!

Before we get to the horses we also want to mention that we helped a distraught owner locate her Thoroughbred that was illegally sold at auction while on a trial.  This horse was not a part of Neigh Savers, but we felt we could use social media to spread the word since we had just been at auction and that horse was sold through Mike’s Auction. We were bowled over by the power of social media and that through sharing the post we were able to find the horse and return the horse to its rightful and very grateful owner. People shared and shared and shared the post so nearly 200,000 folks saw it. Social media when used correctly can do so much good and we were overjoyed by the response and the result.  Within 2 days the horse was back home.  Now that’s success!!!

Once again, at Mike’s Auction between Forgotten Horses Rescue and Neigh Savers, we collectively saved 8 horses…we had saved 18 the previous auction. In addition, we took in 2 horses before the auction.

The first “Joe” is a sweet TB that was very underweight and not properly cared for as his owner had fallen on hard times. In conjunction with our dear friends at Forgotten Horses Rescue we found this sweet boy a forever home within 24 hours. The second horse was turned away from Mike’s Auction because she was too skinny and was then given to Forgotten Horses Rescue through Mike himself. We have taken over her care and named her Xena. She is already doing much better and has put on some needed weight although she has a long way to go.

Xena Intake

Xena: Emaciated & Neglected

Joe & his Princess

Joe & his Princess










At the auction we rescued Raven’s Ironwood. He’s becoming something of a barn favorite at his quarantine facility and is quite the ham. He’s also a beautiful mover so we are looking forward to receiving him for training as he does appear sound. Stay tuned!!

Ravens Ironwood at Auction

Ravens Ironwood at Auction

Ravens Ironwood in Quarantine

Ravens Ironwood









Here’s an update from the previous auction:

Laguna Sulada & Turbulent Creek

Laguna Sulada & Turbulent Creek

Laguna Salada – (Belle) has moved to Silverado Stables at our newly minted and TAA approved facility in Bakersfield and is under the care of barn manager Tahlia Fischer who adopted two of our TBs last year (Adam Suances-Adam and Turbulent Creek-TC). She is doing very well and TC has decided he now has his very own girlfriend.

Grifter's Mark Playing

Grifter’s Mark Playing

Grifter’s Mark – (Griffin) has moved to Bear Creek Stables in Los Gatos and is now learning to be a horse again. He’s just a baby and will need time to grow up. We don’t anticipate riding him for awhile yet. After he acclimates he will be ponied on trail. The volunteers love him because he’s very gentle and kind.

Blaze Trotting

Blaze Trotting

Blaze – is at PM Farms in Agua Dulce and in training with Maile and Daphne He is a beautiful mover so we will see what develops with him.





We are overflowing with horses at this time. As many of you know since you contributed to the cause, we took in 3 neglect cases. What you don’t know is that immediately after we took these horses we were informed with no warning that a previous adopter who had promised lifelong pasture homes to 5 former auction broodmares was now moving and couldn’t take the horses with her. One of the mares was quite elderly and in the past 4 years has passed on. That left 4. She agreed to keep the oldest mare, but that still left us with 3. Six horses is a lot to absorb at one time but luckily our dear friends Dean and Denise who had taken the 26 year old auction horse Nelly once again opened their hearts and home and we were able to ship the inseparable Cubanita (Cubie) and Stevie to them in Northern California. Slewpy’s Charm, a grand-daughter of the great Seattle Slew, remains in program but has a potential adopter on standby.

NS Horses: Cubanita, Stevie, and Ilene's Love enjoying pasture life.

NS Horses: Cubanita, Stevie, and Ilene’s Love enjoying pasture life.

The three neglect cases are absolutely thriving with Robin and her family at their small homey ranch in Ventura County. Emma who has since been identified as “Storm on the Ridge” (12 years old) is recovering nicely from her proud flesh wounds. River has been identified as “Retired Habit.” He was quite the racehorse and earned over $200,000 in 16 starts. He is also a stakes horse having run in the California Sprint Cup Handicap. He’s only 17 so much younger than we thought and has gained weight and confidence. He would make a great lesson horse for kids if you know anyone (hint hint). Burt is still not identified but he continues to thrive and is a gentle giant to little people and a very peaceful guy. Having been the worst off weight wise, he is making great progress.

Storm on the Ridge 3 weeks after intake

Storm on the Ridge 3 weeks after intake

Burt 3 weeks after Intake

Burt 3 weeks after Intake








Retired Habit loving his little Friend

Retired Habit loving his little Friend

That’s all the news we have, except that in addition to neglect, abuse, auction and surrendered horses we also recently accepted two off the track TBs into our program. One is a gorgeous roan named Doubting Thomas and the other is a lovely bay gelding named Unbridled Falls. Thomas fractured his sesamoid coming out of the gate in his one and only start at Santa Anita. His compassionate owner paid for his surgery and has been paying for his rehab in Santa Ynez. The vet cleared this horse for racing but the owner really feels it is too risky and has asked us to help find him a home. Unbridled Falls is being treated for sesamoiditis and is at Los Laureles Equine Rehab and Therapy along with Lullaby Slew, Impregnable and Dunmore East. Oh yes, we have horses….lots and lots of them.

Doubting Thomas Rt Conformation

Doubting Thomas

Lullaby Slew Los Laureles

Lullaby Slew at Los Laureles Training & Equine Therapy



Impregnable, Dunmore East, and Unbridled Falls with interns and Angie Scully at Los Laureles Training & Equine Therapy

Impregnable, Dunmore East, and Unbridled Falls with interns and Angie Scully at Los Laureles Training & Equine Therapy

Auction is coming up this weekend. Please consider making a donation to help us save a life.

Thank you for your donations that allow us to continue this work! We know there are many good causes out there and many other worthy equine foundations as well so we thank you and are very grateful to you for entrusting your donations to us.