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Since 2007 approximately 600 horses have been given a second chance and a forever home thanks to the amazing community, volunteers, sponsors, donors and partner organizations that support the work of Neigh Savers. We are humbled to have such overwhelming support and grateful for the privilege of being able to help and save so many on your behalf. And to think… all these many lives have been saved without Neigh Savers ever having a home of its own and operating through partner facilities that span more than 550 California miles. Which really makes you think:

How much more could be accomplished if we had a home of our own and all of our horses were under one roof?

It is both exciting and overwhelming. As we enter our tenth year, we know it’s time to take this huge step and we are so excited. A ranch of our own would enable Neigh Savers to care for the horses much more cost effectively. It will allow us to better engage our enthusiastic volunteers, will offer potential adopters more interaction with the horses and will increase transparency to the community and our donors. But with this will come the overwhelming responsibility to do more. To help more. To save more. And we are ready. The additional number of lives that will be saved by centralizing our operations is exponential.

Will you join us?


Our Wish List

This is our dream; we are just throwing this out to the universe! We expect to compromise and are excited to think creatively to make a space work for us. 

  • Located from Santa Ynez to Temecula
  • 10+ acres
  • 2-3 residences
  • Covered barn
  • Additional stalls
  • Arena
  • Round pen
  • Pastures
  • Space for 40-60 horses

How You Can Help

Property owners/Realtors: If you think your property might work for us, we want to hear from you! We are hoping to purchase the property, but will consider leases, rentals, etc. We have an excellent credit rating and responsibly operate with six months’ cash in reserves.

Press: Please share our story! The wider our Racing Home campaign is shared, the more likely we are to find the perfect home. Images, live on-site interviews, and meet-and-greets with Neigh Savers horses are available

Do you have a skill, service or donation you would like to offer? If we know going into the hunt that a contractor is interested in donating services or we have offer of an arena, panels, barn etc, it can make all the difference in how we look at a property. We would appreciate hearing how you want to support Neigh Savers as we are Racing Home!

Contact Us

All inquiries relating to the Racing Home campaign should be directed to:

Maureen Sowell
Neigh Savers