Bikers and Runners and Strollers, Oh My!

As always, Salsa is doing wonderful!!  I can’t say enough good things about him.  He has shown some great progress on the ground with his canter so we’ve finally started doing a little canter work under saddle.  At the moment I’m not asking for any collection.  He still needs a little more balance and strength before that can happen but it will come quickly.  He gave me a few collected strides the other day (on his terms) so that’s a small victory!!

Salsa has a new found love for trail riding.  It’s been great to get his brain out of the arena and focusing on something a tad different.  He has been a perfect gentleman every time I’ve taken him out.  There’s always something go on at the park.  Even with all of the commotion (bikers, runners, strollers, dogs… to name a few) he’s been fantastic.  All of these things are great for him to see. I strongly believe in the importance of trail riding.  It truly makes them more rounded and much more focused when they begin a show career.  Salsa is truly remarkable and we are so lucky to have him.



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